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Our Team

Buddy the Schnauzer

Shop Security

Buddy is 16 years old. He has always had "issues". He has never managed to wag his tail, the most he does in an intermittent wipe speed. He will bark if something moves, or if it doesn't.

Tai Obe the Schnauzer

Reserve Shop Security

 In loving memory of Tai. At the age of 13, he was taken from us. He was always a grumpy old man, acted like  a Rottweiler, but deep down he was a Mommy's boy. Very vocal and completely uncontrollable, Will always have a special place in our hearts.

Malia the LabraDoodle

Head of Kisses n Cuddles

Malia is a 7 year old F2 Labradoodle, she is very sensitive, she dislikes loud noises and is selective as to who she meets, however, if she makes friends with you, she's a friend for life

Gracie the MiniDoodle

Ball & Toy Manager

Gracie is a 6 year old Mini Labradoodle. She is completely ball obsessed. She is 100% a Water Dog and will swim anywhere she can

Betsy Boo the Sheepadoodle

Full time Clown

Betsy is a 4 year old Standard Poodle x Old English Sheepdog. She is very much the baby of the team. However she insists on greeting all customers personally she thinks she is the Receptionist. She adores children but can be a little over keen. We keep her in full coat, at the moment she has about 8” of hair, so she is brushed very regularly.

Princess Raya

Raya is a standard poodle, very unusual color, she is a sable, her title of Princess can be confirmed on a walk, where she wont get even her feet wet, and avoids mud at every opportunity. Raya is the boss of the pack.


Sansa Bear

Sansa is a Moyen poodle, her size is imbetween a mini and a standard, she was imported from America. She really is the cheeky little monkey of the pack. Her favorite game is to pinch Gracies ball and run like hell.  

Indiana ( Indi)

Indi is our second american poodle import, as you have guessed from Indiana. Lovable rogue. If you cant find one of your slippers, the hoover attachment, socks, they will be in her mouth. Very bouncy attitude to life, but always happy. 

Frankie (The pig)

We were looking for a dog for our future daughter in law. Unfortunately  nothing was available, we came to a compromise and got an attention seeking piglet. Allergies galore as of most Frenchies. But we wouldnt change him for the world. I have tried to find a picture of him looking happy..... This is his happy face.He is such a character.

Oh, Ian, Michelle & Amy also work here, All dogs are welcome, but please let us know if your dog is with you, just for safety

Opening Hours

Tue: 10pm - 5pm
Wed: 10pm - 5pm
Thu: 10pm - 5pm
Fri: 10pm - 5pm
Sat: 10pm - 5pm


Come visit our Pet Supply Store to see everything we have to offer! Sure you could send us an email or you could give us a call… and that’s a fine… but we’d really love to meet you in person. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can’t wait for you and your pet to stop by for a visit.
Parking spaces behind shop

56 New Rd, Porthcawl CF36 5DG, UK

01656 788209

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